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Do not accept defective products, do not manufacture defective products, and do not flow out defective products.

First, establish a quality management system guarantee agency

  The "Quality Control Department" is established, which is directly responsible to the top leadership of the factory, and has three branches: QA, QC, and IQC. QA is the quality assurance branch. It is fully responsible for the quality management of products before they leave the factory, including inspection and review of manufacturing, installation and commissioning, inspection and testing, etc., drafting and publishing quality standards and inspection methods, and reporting product quality status. Deal with quality issues, etc. QC is the Quality Check branch, responsible for post-inspection of products and reporting the results to the QA department. IQC is the Importation Quality Control branch. It is responsible for quality inspection and control of all purchased raw and auxiliary materials, purchased parts and outsourced parts. Both new and old customers’ products must undergo strict inspections. The qualified seal can be put into storage, and the unqualified will be returned without hesitation. Moreover, when these materials enter the workshop from the warehouse, the necessary quality control of the incoming materials must be carried out. If the defective products are found to be returned to the warehouse, and then returned to the supplier, the quality control of the incoming materials will naturally increase the product quality rate.

Second, establish a comprehensive in-plant inter-plant quality management system assurance system

In order to make the “zero defect” quality management run through the entire production process, the company has established four major assurance systems including quality organization system, quality index assurance system, quality inspection assurance system and production process quality assurance system, and has established The“full information feedback network” of the department’s work. At the same time, our company has also selected 8 indicators that reflect the whole process of parts entering the factory-manufacturing-user use, and decomposing these indicators layer by layer and managing them at different levels. The management system provides a strong guarantee. On the basis of establishing an internal quality assurance system, our company has also signed a "technical, quality, and management economic cooperation agreement" with the manufacturers that provide supporting components, forming a multi-form and multi-level economy such as joint venture, escrow, cooperation, and collaboration. Consortium, all member factories abide by the common articles of association, including a set of management methods and specific measures such as inter-factory quality assurance system management, externally coordinated component production line acceptance, departmental investment and shareholding enterprise management, and inter-factory information management. This system effectively guarantees the quality of incoming materials.

Third, establish a comprehensive quality management system incentive mechanism ,The key element of enterprise quality management is people. People are the most active elements in an enterprise and one of the most direct factors affecting product quality. Our company instills in employees the quality consciousness such as "Quality is the life of the enterprise" and "Quality requires the participation of all employees of the enterprise" through various forms such as corporate culture propaganda to form a quality culture within the enterprise. In the process of work, we pay great attention to the enthusiasm and creativity of each employee, and constantly stimulate the competitive psychology of employees. The company pays great attention to this in the process of quality management system. On the one hand, promote democratic management within the company, actively adopt reasonable suggestions from employees, formulate "zero defect" activity plans, organize seminars, and enhance employees' awareness of democratic participation and quality concepts.

Fourth, formulate standard working hours to promote high quality and high yield with a balanced production quality management system

In order to maintain the balance of assembly line production and keep the quality of each process under control, enterprises should specify standard time and actual working hours on the basis of scientific analysis, and arrange the number of direct production lines for the assembly line accordingly. And arrange the actions that each station should complete according to the product production rhythm, so that the work of each station is as consistent as possible, and strive to make the production process show a tense and relaxed rhythm. At the same time, the company also encourages employees to increase nutrition and calories in the gap between labor, and adopts corresponding economic subsidies and service measures for this, so that employees can be full of energy every minute before closing, ensuring the quality and output of the products on the day.


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Guangzhou Sub-Group Auto Parts Co.,Ltd. Certifications
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Guangzhou Sub-Group Auto Parts Co.,Ltd. Certifications
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Number: 21898455
Issue Date: 2017-12-28
Expiry Date: 2027-12-27
Scope/Range: All parts of the truck
Issued By: China State Intellectual Property Office

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